About Me

Hello :) My name is Becky - welcome to my blog! I love to be creative and arty, and The Crafty Corner is my new "Art Home"! I like to do a variety of arty activities. I do watercolour painting, oil painting, canvasses, acrylic painting, oil pastel work and mixed media work. Art is my way of expressing who i am and what i'm about. I love to try out new things too! Hope you enjoy what you see, and welcome to the journey!

Monday, 25 July 2011

A little something that's a little different!

Soooo, as i am undergoing some pretty significant changes in my personal life, i thought it was high time my creativity had a bit of a face lift! 

Welcoming the new "project" - Icons! 

Marilyn Monroe was such a stunning woman and an iconic figure. But as with all people of all walks of life, there is more to that individual than what can be taken in at face value. 
The idea of this mixed media piece is to highlight that although you are familiar with what you see - you recognise the pictures to be Marilyn Monroe - there was a more colourful and unique side to her than what first meets the eye and what was portrayed in the media. It represents the changing face of the famous...there's always more to it than what you first thought.

I really enjoy this style of work, there's so much you can do with it and it looks great!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Some of the tools that make the magic happen....

Look at those beautiful colours! I have boxes and boxes full of all these fantastic colours and more! These are just a hand picked few that i like to use, and that are easy to reach...(i.e not hidden in the depths of "the cupboard of doom" more commonly know as my wardrobe!)

Monday, 23 May 2011

Love, love love....

This is not my work, but i LOVE it! I LOVE the shininess of the shoe, LOVE the defined and ridiculously high heel, LOVE the shadow and LOVE the understated wording across the heel! Très sophistiqué! So....overall, i'm not that keen ;)

Saturday, 21 May 2011

A few little sketches here, and a few little sketches there!

I drew this little fairy a couple of years ago. I remember where i was when i drew it, how i felt at the time, and how i felt after i had finished the sketch. I love her vulnerability and that its purely pencil work. Simplicity sometimes speaks volumes. 

...and this little chappy was drawn for my mum, she adores elephants. She has an "elephant house" where she keeps all her little elephanty ornaments and she particularly loves his sad eyes in this picture. Soft or what?? :)
This little lady is just one of a few fairy drawings i have done - i love fairies and the magic that surrounds them. I see this little one to be learning the tricks of the trade and working towards gaining her "fully fledged fairy" wings...

 This sketch of a butterfly was all about colour and shape - it's slightly unsymmetrical appearance adds to the "relaxed" feeling about the drawing.

 Another fairy, which needs little annotation - it speaks for itself.

Monday, 28 February 2011

I've got that floral feeling...

I LOVE drawing and sketching flowers. I love the way you can interpret them exactly how you see them, and i love the freedom you have to mix and blend colours. The picture that is shaded in pencil is of a flower that featured heavily in my Art GCSE. I used that particular flower alot, and used all different medias to present it - collage, papier mache, oil pastel - it has been my 'signature' sketch for a good few years now. 
 I think flowers are lovely to draw and i love it when i go through a 'floral stage' :)

"Under the sea"

This happy little chappy was created on the 17th of February, designed for children and the simple minded! I enjoyed painting him, although he didn't turn out quite the colour i had hoped he would - i think he wears it well! It was nice to paint something that had nice easy lines, simple shapes and a fun, free-spirited theme. 

Monday, 21 February 2011


I painted this canvas on the 17th Feb 2011. I absolutely love butterflies and love to draw and paint them. I wanted to create a simple canvas, using lovely pastel colours, that speaks for itself really.
Thoroughly enjoyed doing this, and I'm pleased with the outcome :)