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Hello :) My name is Becky - welcome to my blog! I love to be creative and arty, and The Crafty Corner is my new "Art Home"! I like to do a variety of arty activities. I do watercolour painting, oil painting, canvasses, acrylic painting, oil pastel work and mixed media work. Art is my way of expressing who i am and what i'm about. I love to try out new things too! Hope you enjoy what you see, and welcome to the journey!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Love, love love....

This is not my work, but i LOVE it! I LOVE the shininess of the shoe, LOVE the defined and ridiculously high heel, LOVE the shadow and LOVE the understated wording across the heel! Très sophistiqué! So....overall, i'm not that keen ;)

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